Google Ends Support for Google Sync for BlackBerry on June 1 2012 – Use AstraSync to Sync Gmail

May 25, 2012

Google just announced that on June 1, 2012 it will end support for Google Sync for BlackBerry. If you already have the app installed, you’ll still be able to use it; however it will not be available for download after June 1.
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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Stick with Your BlackBerry

April 18, 2012

As iPhone and Android dominate the American smartphone market, BlackBerry loyalists remain optimistic and faithful to their favorite phones. They can’t imagine life without BlackBerry and will not trade it for any other. Here are some reasons we have heard from our customers for sticking with what you love!

1. The Productivity of a Real Keyboard

If you have mastered typing quickly using the BlackBerry full QWERTY keyboard, you can never get the same efficiency using virtual keyboards. People can type really fast on a BlackBerry keyboard without even looking! No more Clumsy Thumbsy Autocorrects 🙂
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Installing AstraSync on BlackBerry smart phones

May 28, 2009

AstraSync software can be installed in minutes following this step-by-step video:

You can find answers to additional questions on the AstraSync Forum.