Extend The Life Of Your BlackBerry After BES

AstraSync™ is a BlackBerry App that syncs email, calendar and contacts directly with your companies Exchange Server. No BES Required!

Many firms, large and small are starting to retire their BlackBerry Enterprise Servers (BES) leaving their BlackBerry users without the push email, calendar and contact sync they need.

That doesn’t mean you need to replace your beloved BlackBerry. AstraSync allows you to connect your BlackBerry directly to your Exchange server using ActiveSync, the same service used by iPhone and Android devices.

AstraSync Features

  • Synchronizes Email Calendar and Contacts over-the-air
  • Supports SSL secured HTTPS connections
  • Uses the native BlackBerry calendar and contacts apps
  • Full folder support – Sync multiple folders, move & copy messages
  • Full attachment support – send, receive and smart reply
  • HTML email viewer
  • Create, accept and decline meeting requests
  • Global Address List support with contact lookup
  • Message flag support
  • Synchronization schedule
  • Works on all devices with OS version 4.5, 5, 6 & 7
  • Doesn’t rely on or need BIS or BES
  • And much more!

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