Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Stick with Your BlackBerry

As iPhone and Android dominate the American smartphone market, BlackBerry loyalists remain optimistic and faithful to their favorite phones. They can’t imagine life without BlackBerry and will not trade it for any other. Here are some reasons we have heard from our customers for sticking with what you love!

1. The Productivity of a Real Keyboard

If you have mastered typing quickly using the BlackBerry full QWERTY keyboard, you can never get the same efficiency using virtual keyboards. People can type really fast on a BlackBerry keyboard without even looking! No more Clumsy Thumbsy Autocorrects 🙂

2. BlackBerry is *the* killer Email Machine

BlackBerry devices sync with every email service. Email is the number one mobile app and is the main reason why people use a smartphone. An efficient email app is such an important feature and BlackBerry is definitely a winner here. With AstraSync, you can step up from the native BIS email and add support for full two way sync and folder support!

3. BlackBerry’s Flashing Red Notification Light

One little feature that all BlackBerry users love is the BlackBerry blinking red light. People need immediate notification when a new message arrives and this blinking red light is a very effective without being too obnoxious like a vibrating phone or loud jarring sound. One BlackBerry user described it as “a guy in the corner of the room, patiently reminding you.”

4. BlackBerry Data Compression

For those who work and travel a lot, the ability of the BlackBerry network to compress data is crucial to keeping your roaming costs low. Roaming charges overseas can easily shoot up to thousands of dollars if you are not careful when using iPhone and Android devices. BlackBerry is definitely still the winner when it comes to roaming data cost.

5. Business Focused Tool (no time to waste on games)

People like the fact that the BlackBerry is a no-nonsense productivity device and business communication tool, where every task is important. Your work is more efficient when you are not constantly distracted by a new notification to play Draw Something!

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