AstraSync Cyber Monday Sale

Get 25% off all renewals and new subscriptions this Cyber Monday!

Use code: THANKSG

Don’t worry if your current subscription isn’t due for renewal yet, we will add the extra time onto your current expiry date.

Offer valid Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th November only

Have you tried our new Beta with Monitor?

By using AstraSync with Monitor you can get full OS integrated alerts for new emails including:

  • Status Bar Unread Count
  • Icon notification ‘Splat’
  • LED Notification
  • Device Audio Profile Integrated Alerts

The New Beta also includes

  • Support for creation of meetings requests.
  • Email content encryption.
  • Kinetic scrolling of the message list on touch screen devices.
  • Leaner, faster message store system.
  • More performance settings for power users including control of Direct Push behavior, email truncation size, PIM status checks and AutoDiscover.

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