AstraSync is first BlackBerry ActiveSync application to support HTML

New AstraSync Version 4.0 Synchronizes HTML Messages Over-The-Air with Exchange ActiveSync-Compatible Servers

Campbell, CA – November 30, 2009 – MailSite Software, Inc. today announced version 4.0 of AstraSyncTM, the BlackBerry® Exchange® ActiveSync® software application that is used by tens of thousands of people worldwide.  AstraSync version 4.0 was released to customers on November 24th, 2009.

AstraSync is the popular BlackBerry application that automatically synchronizes email, calendars and contacts over-the-air without the need for a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.  AstraSync uses the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync® protocol and works with numerous messaging servers including Microsoft Exchange®, MailSite Fusion, Google Sync and Gmail, Kerio, CommuniGate Pro, OpenXchange and FirstClass.

AstraSync version 4.0 is a significant new version of the application as it includes a large number of breakthrough enhancements, including support for HTML messages.  This makes AstraSync the first third party Exchange ActiveSync-compatible application for BlackBerry devices to support HTML content in messages.

According to John Davies, President and CEO of MailSite, the software company that develops AstraSync, version 4.0 is their most significant release to date:  “AstraSync version 4.0 establishes the software as the market leader in this field, mainly due to the way we have improved the product’s interface and made it much easier to use.”  He continued:  “This release also includes support for hotlinks in messages for telephone numbers, email addresses and website addresses, and support for accepting or declining Meeting Requests.”

Other enhancements in AstraSync version 4.0 include support for message Flags, message Priority, and improved support for attachments with the ability to attach local files.

A more detailed list of enhancements is provided on the AstraSync blog.

About AstraSync and MailSite Software, Inc.

AstraSync is a software application for BlackBerry smartphones that can be installed quickly and easily from the internet. With AstraSync, BlackBerry users can synchronize their email messages, folders, calendars and contacts with their server over-the-air.  AstraSync supports Exchange ActiveSync security policies so that confidential data can be protected.  AstraSync delivers the same Exchange ActiveSync functionality to BlackBerry smartphones that is built-in to the new Apple iPhone 3G.

MailSite Software, Inc. has been providing secure email, calendar and contact communication software to carriers, telecommunication companies, hosting providers, service providers, enterprises and small businesses worldwide since 1995.  MailSite Software is based in California’s Silicon Valley with European offices in Edinburgh, UK.  MailSite Software has more than 3,000 customers hosting more than 10 million mailboxes worldwide.  These include service providers such as Centennial, eChalk, KOC and NetOne; enterprises such as Encyclopædia Britannica, Northrop Grumman, Teleflora, and MediaNews Group.  MailSite Software partners include J2 Global Communications, Enigma Health, Rockwell Collins, AVG and Mailshell.

For more information contact:

John Davies

+1 408 879 5888

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