AstraSync 4.0 Beta 2 – Now With HTML Support

We are pleased to announce the availability of AstraSync 4.0 Beta 2 (version 4.0.12) which builds on the features of Beta 1 adding HTML email rendering, custom wav file message alert tones, support for message flags, more UI improvements and fixes for many bugs in the Beta 1 release.

AstraSync 4.0.12 is available in 2 versions. The full version with HTML support and a lite version which does not include HTML support to aid installation on older devices.

To download AstraSync 4.0.12, log on to the beta portal with your BlackBerry browser:
You will need to provide your AstraSync account credentials (email address and password).

Note 1: This is beta software and should not be used with live data unless you have a backup and are prepared to use it.
Note 2: HTML email rendering is still experimental and may cause issues. Large and complex HTML emails may take an extended time to render. How to turn on HTML

Follow us on Twitter for updates on this Beta program with even more enhancements and other AstraSync information.

Major Enhancements

• HTML email rendering
• WAV file message alert tones
• Support for Message Flags
• Reinstatement of compose spell checker and Sure-Type features
• Support for accepting and declining meeting requests
• Active links in email message bodies for phone numbers, email and web addresses.
• Message list multi select and group select
• Support for sending attachments with emails
• New configuration and options UI
• Support for opening message attachments directly from the message viewer
• Improved performance of message actions

Known Issues
• Storm: Use double-tap or tap-click to open items rather than Click
• 7-point and 14-point Fonts are not implemented in the message list and message viewer
• Cannot select text in the message viewer
• The sync status screen sometimes displays inconsistent data
• Phone numbers and emails are not selectable when viewing HTML messages.
• A security exception can occur if the user chooses a wav file from particular directories including store\home\user\samples\ringtones. To work around this use the media application to copy the desired tone to another folder.
• Increased application size due to HTML email rendering engine may cause the application to fail to install on older 87xx, 88xx and 83xx devices.

Supported Devices
• 87XX devices running OS 4.5 and later
• 88XX devices running OS 4.5 and later
• Curve 83XX devices running OS 4.5 and later
• Curve 8900 devices running OS 4.6
• Bold 9000 devices running OS 4.6
• Storm 95XX devices running OS 4.7
• Tour 9630 devices

Unsupported Devices
• 7XXX devices
• Pearl 81XX devices
• 87xx devices running OS 4.1

Feedback and Support

For support and feedback use the AstraSync 4.0 beta forum:
Telephone support is not available for this beta release

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